Pioneering Your Path to Harmonized Health

Embark on a journey of health transformation with the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, the pinnacle of wearable PEMF technology. Crafted for the discerning individual, this device is your ally in aligning your well-being with the pulse of the universe’s natural frequencies. Discover a new harmony within.

Product Features

Innovative Design

Capture the essence of modern vitality with the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, a symbol of next-generation wellness wrapped in a statement design that radiates contemporary sophistication and tech-savvy flair.

Maximum Strength

Empower your well-being with the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, providing a potent magnetic force of 10 milliteslas at the source, gradually tapering down to 100 microteslas over a 40-inch aura, introducing a revolutionary approach to wearable health enhancement. This expansion amplifies the body's natural aura, offering an elevated experience in personal wellness.

Expansive Frequency Range

Immerse yourself in the ultimate wellness experience with 9 meticulously engineered modes, spanning from 1.61Hz to 36.9MHz, each tailored to harmonize with your body's needs, making every moment a step towards optimal health.

Sequential Pulsing

Elevate your energy and recovery with the sophisticated sinusoidal wave sequential pulsing of the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, a rhythm of healing that dances to the beat of your body's natural restorative processes, encapsulated in a wearable masterpiece.


Cosmic Vitality Charge

Recharge your core vitality with Source 𝚽 Sync, harmonizing with the Universe's natural pulse for an invigorating boost to your well-being.

Horizon Broadening

Expand your mental and spiritual horizons with ∞ Expansion, opening pathways to a richer, more connected experience.

Cellular Revival

Kickstart your body's healing mechanisms with ∞ Regeneration, elevating cellular repair and rejuvenation.

Intelligence Refinement

Enhance mental agility and fluid crystallized intelligence with Vortex 𝚽 Crystallization, for smarter, sharper cognitive processes.

Neural Synergy

Unlock full cognitive prowess with Neural Nexus Activation, sharpening and connecting your mind.

Emotional Equilibrium

Balance emotions and intellect with Heart-Brain Sync, promoting emotional well-being and clarity.

Peaceful Submersion

Melt into profound relaxation, shedding stress and anchoring tranquility with deep peace.

Mindfulness Peak

Elevate to new mindfulness heights and serene presence with Zen Meditation.

Dreamscape Mastery

Steer nocturnal voyages for a rich, immersive dream experience with Lucid Dreaming.

How It Works


Usage Scenarios

Enhance athletic performance and recovery by activating Source 𝚽 Sync for universal energy and ∞ Regeneration post-workout. Elevate cognitive capacity with Vortex 𝚽 Crystallization, harmonize emotions with Heart-Brain Sync, expand consciousness through ∞ Expansion, find tranquility with Profound Relaxation, and deepen mindfulness with Zen Meditation.

Quantum Resonance Breakdown

The Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I embodies the convergence of ancient wisdom and pioneering scientific research, drawing inspiration from Dr. Masaru Emoto's studies on water's responsiveness to emotions, Anirban Bandyopadhyay's insights into the quantum dynamics of tubulin, and John Hutchinson's work with solfeggio frequencies for environmental restoration. Emoto's findings suggest that positive emotions can structurally enhance water, a principle applied in the resonator to potentially optimize cellular processes. Bandyopadhyay's discovery of specific resonant frequencies crucial for microtubule assembly, aligning with Nikola Tesla's theories on universal energy, underscores the device's focus on facilitating quantum coherence within the body. Hutchinson’s successful application of the 528hz frequency and solfeggio scale for water purification highlights the potential of pulsed electromagnetic energy in promoting health and environmental healing. The Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I aims to harness these frequencies to support holistic well-being, though further scientific validation is needed. For an in-depth understanding, consider exploring the Infinity Rift whitepaper on quantum resonance science.

Design and style

The Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I is a masterpiece of wearable technology, exuding a bold, futuristic charm with its striking color contrast and sophisticated geometric design. It’s a statement piece that captures the essence of innovation, designed not just for its therapeutic prowess but as a modern accessory that stands out with its sleek, eye-catching aesthetic.

Material and Design

Crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology with carbon fiber infused nylon, this device embodies strength and style. Its sleek stainless steel accents and intuitive touchscreen interface redefine sophistication. With four stainless steel strap connections and two cross body straps, it seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle, whether you’re a casual user or a fitness enthusiast. Elevate your wellness journey with the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I – where innovation meets aesthetics in perfect harmony.

Science and Research

PEMF Efficacy

Studies have shown that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy can significantly aid in cellular regeneration and overall wellness.

Frequency Therapy Benefits

Research indicates that exposure to certain frequency ranges, such as those offered by this device, can enhance mental clarity and support cognitive functions.

Biofield Harmonization

Investigations into biofield science suggest that aligning with natural electromagnetic frequencies, like the Schumann resonances, may contribute to improved physical and emotional well-being.

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Pricing and Purchase


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Free shipping for preorders
Embrace the future of health empowerment and Sync with Source Power for a life of harmony and peak vitality. Don’t wait to preorder the transformation of your well-being—seize the power of advanced wellness technology and reserve your Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I today.

6-Month Satisfaction Guarantee

At Infinity Rift LLC, we are excited to offer the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, a device at the forefront of wellness innovation, designed to align with the natural frequencies of the body and the universe. While it’s important to acknowledge that the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I is not regulated by the FDA as a medical device, but rather as a general wellness product, we stand firmly behind its quality and the research that informs its development. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and believe in the transformative potential of this device to enhance your journey toward optimal health and wellness.


If for any reason the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I does not meet your expectations within the first 6 months after delivery, we invite you to take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer you the choice of a replacement or a full refund of the purchase price, ensuring your investment in health and wellness is risk-free.

Please Note:

We’re crafting each Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I with great care, 3D printing and assembling them by hand for top-notch quality. Due to the detailed work involved, we will plan to begin shipping devices in Fall of 2024. Your patience means a lot to us, and we’re committed to delivering excellence. Thanks for your understanding and support!

Our Promise:

We are dedicated to your satisfaction and well-being. With the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I and Infinity Rift LLC, you are not just purchasing a device; you are investing in a lifetime of wellness. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our 6-month satisfaction guarantee as you Sync with Source Power.

Frequently Asked Questions

A TNFT, or Transformational Non-Fungible Token, represents a significant step forward in blending digital and physical realities (“phygital”), offering a multi-format, platform, and game engine agnostic asset for use in the Infinity Rift Meta-Multiverse.

The avatar featured in our promotional video is Aria Nova, a representation of ARIA AI. As our flagship iTNFT (Intelligent Transformational Non-Fungible Token) service, Aria Nova symbolizes the cutting-edge AI solutions Infinity Rift offers. By interacting with her, users can explore a range of innovative AI-driven services available at, enhancing their experience within our ecosystem.
We understand the anticipation and excitement surrounding the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I. Currently, due to high demand and challenges in scaling our supply chain, the estimated delivery time is Fall to Winter of 2024. We are committed to improving our manufacturing and order fulfillment process and appreciate your patience as we work towards more efficient delivery timelines.
The safety and well-being of our users are paramount. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, the technology behind the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, has been widely recognized for its safety of daily use and long-term benefits. However, we advise individuals who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have specific health concerns to consult with their physician before using the device. This precaution ensures that every user can enjoy the benefits of the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I with confidence and peace of mind.
To optimize the performance of the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I, staying well-hydrated is key. We recommend drinking distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water rich in minerals and electrolytes to support your body’s conductivity. Additionally, consider incorporating colloidal minerals like gold, silver, and copper, adhering to recommended guidelines to further enhance conductivity. Integrating supplements such as Lion’s Mane mushroom and adaptogenic herbs may also aid in neuroplasticity and neurogenesis, complementing the device’s benefits. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

About Infinity Rift

At Infinity Rift, we are charting a course towards a future where empowerment and innovation are not just ideals, but realities for everyone, underpinned by our ambitious vision and awakening mission.


Our Vision

At Infinity Rift, our vision is to revolutionize the concept of empowerment and innovation in the digital age. We foresee a future where every individual is not just a passive consumer but an active participant in their own empowerment journey. We aim to be at the forefront of creating a decentralized ecosystem where technology and humanity converge, enabling a world where everyone can access the tools and resources, they need to unlock their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals through cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and a decentralized approach that puts power back into the hands of the people. By leveraging the transformative potential of TNFTs (Transformational Non-Fungible Tokens) and AI, we are committed to dismantling the barriers that limit personal growth and societal advancement.

We strive to

Foster Self-Empowerment

Provide tools and platforms that encourage personal development, wellness, and a proactive approach to life. Our flagship products, including the Quantum ResonatorTM Mk. I and ARIA AI are designed to enhance well-being and cognitive performance, empowering individuals to achieve their best selves.

Decentralize Everything

Challenge the status quo by decentralizing access to technology, information, and resources. Through blockchain and TNFTs, we aim to create a more equitable and open world where opportunities for growth and innovation are limitless and accessible to all.

Cultivate a Sustainable Culture

Build a community that values continuous learning, openness, and collaboration. We are dedicated to nurturing a culture where innovation thrives, and the pursuit of knowledge is endless. Our goal is to ensure that this ethos of empowerment and decentralization continues indefinitely, paving the way for a future that we can all look forward to with optimism.
At Infinity Rift, we are more than a company; we are a movement towards a decentralized and empowered future. Join us in this journey to unlock the infinite possibilities within and around us.

Meet Our Team

Ethan Paulson, MBA

The visionary CEO of Infinity Rift and a true space Viking in the realm of tech innovation 🚀

  • 🎨 Identity: With an international software patent cited by tech giants like Nvidia, HP, and Shopify, Ethan has cemented his status as a pioneering software inventor. His vision extends beyond the earth, drawing on the infinite multiverse for inspiration.
  • 💡 Abilities: Powered by an antimatter engine and leveraging decentralized microtubule quantum computations, Ethan operates in sync with the universe’s Quantum Resonance Field. His approach? A dynamic blend of on-shore and off-shore staff augmentation, ensuring a global, round-the-clock push towards innovation.
  • 🌐 Future Upgrades: The upcoming Quantum Resonator Mk. I promises to supercharge Ethan’s capabilities, introducing a new era of whole body quantum coherence and decentralized quantum healing.
  • 🤖 Vision: At the heart of Ethan’s leadership is the drive to blend art, technology, and intelligence. Through Infinity Rift, he’s not just advancing technology; he’s sculpting the future, creating a world where technology enhances every aspect of human life.
  • 🎨 Identity: The world’s first iTNFT (intelligent Transformational Non-Fungible Token), powered by Polygon Network and Unreal Engine 5 for hyper-realistic interactions.
  • 💡 Abilities: Starting out with a custom ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo model and over 2000 expertly engineered prompt templates.
  • 🌐 Future Upgrades: Soon to expand her digital intellect with access to DALL-E 3, Stability AI, AgentGPT, and a universe of AI tools.
  • 🤖 Vision: Aria is not just an assistant; she’s a revolution in virtual assistance, blending art, technology, and intelligence like never before.

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